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IDEAPLAY BCH-20 Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphone-Move With Music

IDEAPLAY BCH-20 Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphone-Move With Music


The IDEAPLAY BCH – 20 Bone Conduction Bluetooth headphones have arrived in the market with great and updated quality features. The IDEAPLAY BCH – 20 Headphone is one of the best Bluetooth headphones as it comes with bone conduction technology. This technology remit sounds via cheekbones to the cochlea. These are wireless Bluetooth headphones which makes them easy to use. We can use these headphones without any fuss or disturbance while we do our work. Even while we are running or jogging these headphones can be used and they work amazingly.

The bone conduction headphone has an exclusively open ear design. This design permits us to perceive the surroundings along with the music that we hear on the headphone. Adaptable with all kinds of Bluetooth devices, the IDEAPLAY BCH – 20 Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth headphones come with a built-in anti-interference high-definition mic and Bluetooth 5.1 that allows you handsfree answering of your phone calls with excellent sound quality.


The IDEAPLAY BCH – 20 is an ideal Bluetooth headphone for exercise and sports, designed in a way that makes it extremely easy and comfortable to use while you are exercising or playing a sport. The bone conduction headphones have a built-in 180mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Thus, the standby time for these Bluetooth earphones is 200 hours. The constant operating time is 6 hours. The headphone comes with a type -C charging cable and fast charging. The long-lasting battery life of the product allows you uninterrupted use of the product.

Another feature of the IDEAPLAY Bluetooth headphones is that it comes with the waterproof technology. The IP55 waterproof technology can withstand sweat and light showers. This feature ensures that you enjoy your music even while exercising or running or even hiking, etc. One of the problems that people face with Bluetooth earphones is that it keeps falling out at times. But, thankfully the easy-to-grip design of the bone conduction headphones does not allow them to fall effortlessly.

The look of the headphones is impressive as it has a sporty look that catches people's attention. Quality-wise the product is an all-rounder. It not only comes with an HD microphone but also various high-quality characteristics and details. The IDEAPLAY bone conduction headphones hold up 33 feet barrier-free voice call transmission. The Premium Pitch Technology of the wireless Bluetooth earphones transfers dynamic range and rich bass and reduces natural sound leakage. It ensures the enjoyment of the best quality of uninterrupted audio.


Bone Conduction Headphones – move with music, provides quality stereo sound so you can enjoy great life around good music. Also, you will never miss any calls while you are listening to music, as you can easily switch between incoming calls and music. There is a multi-functional key control system that makes the product easy to use for all of us. The Bluetooth headphones from IDEAPLAY is a lightweight product, and you can easily carry them anywhere and everywhere you want. The lightweight design also ensures the comfort of the user of the product.

The buttons of the Bluetooth headphones are easy to operate and very convenient to use.  The bone conduction headphones are lighter than 37 grams of weight which brings out the comfortable and enjoyable part of the headphones. The user finds it restful to wear the headphones and to carry them. The proper grip of the Bluetooth headphones does away with slip, allowing you to enjoy your music while doing any work.

If you are looking for a wireless earphone that is congenial and provides high audio quality at the same time, the IDEAPLAY BCH – 20 Bluetooth headphones are a perfect choice. Below mentioned are its specifications and all details.

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