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About Us

Technology Made For You

Technology and innovation are at their best when they meet the needs and demands of everyday people. It’s those little moments where technology makes life a little easier, more convenient, or more enjoyable where we can truly feel what innovation is supposed to be about. At its best, technology can transform the way we live and experience life.

iDea Electronics Inc is a market leader delivering audio, digital video power, outdoor & sport equipment, small kitchen appliance and home textile for a broad range of consumer electronics and home environments products. Designed in Southern California and sold in North America. Idea Electronic creates products that empower people through technology whether at home, at entertainment, or on a new adventure.

iDea Electronics empowers everyday people to live better, smarter, more conveniently, and more enjoyably through a wide-range of electronics and innovative products made for real world living.

From e-bikes that help you get to work and around the city more efficiently to a diverse selection of audio solutions that help you enjoy quality sound on the go and transform your living room into your very own home theater, we offer a complete range of electronic and home products to meet all your demands. Each of our products is crafted with the highest standards and carefully engineered for optimum performance and function. Our commitment to providing the best solutions for our customers extends to our affordable pricing. You’ll find what you’re looking for at the lower prices you deserve.

So whether it’s kitchen appliances to boost your meal prepping, digital projectors to up your home movie experience, digital photo frames that help your loved ones keep up with your day-to-day life, or our recently expanded line of home linens for comfortable sleep, Idea Play is your one-stop solution for everything you need to make life work for you. That’s the promise we were built on, and it’s what fuels every new innovation that comes next. Welcome to Idea Play. This is technology made for you.

We Bring The Best Goods To Your Life !