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Why Every Woman Should Have an Electric Bike

Why Every Woman Should Have an Electric Bike

Times are changing. Technology is here to stay. It has impacted our lives in a variety of different ways. From home appliances to lifestyle products, technology has managed to penetrate into our lives faster than we all ever imagined. Just like technology has changed the course of different domains, it has positively impacted transport and commute services. Autonomous cars have become a thing, and electric cars can be seen driving around the cities. Amongst all these new-age commute products, the electric bike is one such amazing product. 

An electric bike or an electric adult bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor. Unlike popular belief, electric bikes use the same components as a standard bicycle. It’s meant to augment human power, not replace it. On a steep slope or a windy day out, it provides relief to the rider and allows them to travel further without getting tired. Such bikes can be used by both men and women alike. For women, it’s great because it will allow them to travel farther with reduced effort. Unlike regular bikes, older women can use them better as a means of traveling and exercise because it demands the least exertion of muscular effort. 

Why Electric Bikes?

The number 1 reason why all the ladies out there should go for an electric bike is that they are more efficient. Tracking is convenient, and you can simply connect the bike with your smartphone and track distance, speed, vital signs, and whatnot. After COVID-19 struck the world, gyms were shut down. But people needed to work out. The demand for electric bikes soared like anything. This is because if you are cycling for fitness reasons, there is nothing better than an electric bike.

Secondly, electric bikes are for women of all ages. Aged women might find it difficult to maneuver a regular bike on, let’s say, a steep slope. Due to lack of weight, even younger women find it hard to ride a bike in headwind conditions. Electric bike enables the rider to use motor propulsion to push the bike to limits. That’s why they’re the best fit for women of all age groups. 

Benefits of Electric Bikes

Here’s how buying an adult bike can be beneficial for young as well as aged ladies who choose to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle:

  • Efficient commute with zero carbon emission – being better than your regular manual bike isn’t the only major pro of the electric bike. It not only relieves the rider of a great deal of manual effort, but it is also an environmentally friendly product. It can be a excellent alternative for your daily bus ride to work or a drive to the next block in your old SUV that runs on diesel. It’s about time we get things that are good for ourselves and for the overall environment as well, and an e-bike does fit well to both these things. 
  • Travelling partner for all terrains – if you own a traditional manual bike, you’d know how difficult it gets to steer it in hilly areas and in windy conditions. Electric bike solves that problem by enabling you to use the power of an electric motor to maneuver the bike in such conditions. You can attach your e-bike to the back of the vehicle when on vacation to a hilltop. That’s something that makes it an absolute all-rounder. 
  • Best for fitness buffs – if you’re looking out for a bike for health and fitness purposes. Look no further. Electric bikes are definitely the best option in this domain. This is because it offers you to rider more than you can. It augments your muscular effort. Plus, you can connect your smartphone with the bike to get real-time tracking of distance, calories burnt, heart rate monitoring etc. 
  • Low on budget – using an electric bike rather than a motor vehicle for daily commute can cut down your expenses up to a great deal. Cars usually incur a good deal of expense on fuel and maintenance. Electric bikes, on the other hand, are low maintenance. A good battery for an electric bike can last up to 50 miles on a full charge. If you add the time one may spend over the maintenance of a car, e-bikes will definitely cast a shadow over motor cars as a better option. 
  • Transport of the future – we are already observing the rise of hybrid and full-scale electric cars. It’s just the evolution of transport we are going through. Cycles would not be obsolete; they will just be replaced with smart and more powerful cycles. We will definitely see the industry moving towards electric bikes in years to come because it reconciles with our lifestyle. It’s only a matter of time until it becomes widespread and standard. 
  • Variety in designs – electric bikes are more sellable and marketable since they come in various designs. Some customers like the standard bicycle design, while others may go for a modern design. You can get one in any design you may want. That is the thing with technology, now they are making electric bikes in designs bikes were never made. This offers buyers plenty of options to choose from. 
  • Difficult to steal – bikes are easy burglar target mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, because they don’t weigh much, so they can be picked up and taken away quite conveniently. Secondly, because once they’re gone, they’re like a needle in a haystack. No tracking is possible without a number plate or license. Electric bikes solve this problem by weighing more than the standard bikes, plus they come with a built-in GPS system that enables the owner to track the bike. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electric Bike:

It’s very important to do research before you go on and buy an adult bike. Having said that, it’s also quite cumbersome a task to find out what factors to research before making a purchase decision. Below are a few important things to be mindful of before buying an e-bike:

  • Playground - You must know for what purpose, in particular, you are going to need an adult bike. Is it for fitness, cargo handling, mountain handling or something else? It is only after this can you plunge on to the next step of choosing between different options.
  • Motor mount – motor could be either mounted on one of the wheels or on the pedal shaft. The location of the motor mount helps the bike in different ways. For instance, the one which comes with a motor mounted on wheels is quite effective on hilltops. 
  • Battery – affordable bikes usually have heavy batteries, which result in their low speeds. Expensive bikes have high-end batteries that enable the bike to move faster. Battery capacity & battery chemistry are something to look out for.
  • Range – range will depend upon the kind of usage you are buying the bike for. If you are getting an electric bike for casual use, the range shouldn’t be a worrying sign for you. 


Electric bikes are the future. It is only a matter of time until you begin seeing them on roads like electric cars these days. They are more presentable and robust, and the best thing about them is that they can be used for all different reasons by all age groups and genders.

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