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RV Owner New Year Equipment Idea !

RV Owner New Year Equipment Idea !

Upgrade Your Camping Experience With the IDEAPLAY BP300 Portable Power Station

If you are looking for a portable power station that's a great all-rounder for outdoor-related activities and RV adventures, try the IDEAPLAY BP300 portable mini generator. It’s a powerful and versatile unit that strikes an excellent balance between performance and portability, allowing you to rely on it both outdoors and at home.

This 300W power station for camping is ultra-quiet, helping you enjoy a peaceful weekend in the woods. It’s packed with a 250Wh-67500mAh lithium battery, which is safe and efficient, and you can use it to power your smartphone, drone, laptop, tablet, ice shaver, camera, air purifier, LED lights, 12V kettle, air pump, and other devices. It has 4 USB Ports, including USB-C and one 15V/4A DC Output port, so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

The IDEAPLAY BP300 also offers flexibility when it comes to recharging. You can recharge it through your wall outlet, generator, DC power from a car socket, or via solar panel. That means you’ll almost never have to worry about your power station running out of juice, no matter where you are. This camping and RV generator even offers protection against some of the most common problems, including short circuits, overloads, and thermal issues.

Need a powerful source of light when recreating outdoors? The IDEAPLAY BP300 has a flashlight with three modes; light, strobe, and a flashing SOS mode. This power station has so many uses. Even when you aren’t camping, it’s a valuable companion when you go fishing, attend a tailgate party, travel in an RV, or when there’s a blackout at home.

Get the IDEAPLAY BP300, and your outdoor excursions won’t be the same again!



IDEAPLAY P100B Android 7.1 Wireless Mini Smart Projector - Your Perfect Travel Companion

If you're searching for a mini projector that can give you a sharp, clear picture anywhere you need, get the iDea Pico projector. This gadget has all the key elements of a modern portable projector. It’s smart, super light, and fits in the palm of your hand. It can connect wirelessly with phones, tablets, and computers, it’s compatible with Airplay and Miracast, and you can also display content from a microSD card. 

The iDea Pico projector has a native resolution of 854 by 480, 100 lumens of brightness, and can be powered over a USB cable from either a computer or an AC adapter. It has an internal, rechargeable 4,200mAh battery that will last over 2 hours on a single charge.

The iDea Pico does have a built-in speaker that's loud enough indoors. If you plan to bring the projector with you when you go camping, use the AUX stereo out socket to connect your portable speakers or headphones. 

This smart mini projector isn't only perfect for those who want a big-screen experience for movies and gaming. It can also be an invaluable business tool. You can use it for projecting spreadsheets and other business documents before a presentation and even PowerPoint presentations to small groups.

Whether you plan to use it for outdoor movie nights with your family, for gaming purposes, Zoom meetings, office presentations, or camping entertainment, the iDea Pico projector won’t disappoint.


IDEAPLAY P11 Folding Bikes for Adults - Zip Around With Ease

If you’ve fallen in love with pedal power but want something that won’t take up much space, the IDEAPLAY P11 folding mountain bikes will meet your urban and countryside riding needs. There is a men’s and women’s version, and they both have a stylish look. The bikes have a low stand-over frame suitable for students, office workers, and other urban commuters.

The bikes have a high-strength carbon steel frame, making them sturdy enough even for heavier riders. These frames are very durable, rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant. The IDEAPLAY P11 folding mountain bike has a 6-speed shifting handle, dual V-brakes, and an anti-skid handle grip, ensuring you have a smooth ride. The ladies’ bike has adjustable seats and handlebars making it suitable for more than one member of your family. Both bikes have dual shock absorbers, making them perfect for riding off the beaten path.

These bicycles have a clever design that allows them to fold into a small package in about 15 seconds. That means you can bring your bike when commuting, traveling in an RV, car camping, or even flying without worrying about space. This is incredibly convenient if you need to combine transport modes as you can easily take them with you onto a train or bus. And when you get to your office, the bike will fold up small enough to fit under a desk.

With the IDEAPLAY P11 folding mountain bikes, commuting just became a whole lot easier, plus you can now explore beyond your campsite when you venture outdoors.


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