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IDEAPLAY Portable Power Generator – A Must-have to Enjoy Camping to the Fullest

IDEAPLAY Portable Power Generator – A Must-have to Enjoy Camping to the Fullest

Let’s face the truth, no matter how much you love to roam in the wilderness on a camping adventure, you’re used to the luxuries of your city home and office, and you can’t do without some of them. For example, you can’t live totally without electricity. You in the first place need power for running a fan and cooling down on a hot day; plus, many of your gadgets (without which you cannot live) need charging. From cooking at a campsite to finding path with a fully charged flashlight to capturing candid photos of the stunning scenery with a camera that should be charged, you need electricity everywhere. Here a portable generator steps in. When you have such a portable power station, you have the desired peace of mind and you feel safe, because you’re sure you can never run out of power.

IDEAPLAY Portable Power Generator

As such, there are so many portable outdoor generators available on the market. But you need to consider the best ones so as to get the most out of your investment. One such best camping power station is the IDEAPLAY Portable Power Generator.

This is a portable mini generator that has an ability to charge a wide range of devices that you may use on your camping trip. These include phones, tablets, camera, LED lights, kettles, air pumps, drones, laptop, pellet smoker, ice shaver, and more. What’s more, this portable power bank can support every type of projector and thus you can remain entertained in your RV or at the campsite with movie and music streaming.  Thus if you’re a beginner or pro camper or RVer, this portable generator is a must for you as it will let you enjoy most of your camping activities without running out of power.

3 Charging and Recharging Methods

By offering as many as 3 charging and recharging methods, the IDEAPLAY portable generator lets you choose the most convenient option. This portable power station is super easy to install and use – you just have to plug it in and you’re ready to go!

Portable Solar Generator: If you have full sun at your campsite, you can use this generator with 12-24V solar panels (not included). This is equipped with 2 115V/300W AC output, 4 USB Port (USB-C included) and a 15V/4A DC Output port that allow you to power multiple devices at a time. 

From an AC Wall Outlet: Within 10-11 hours

Recharged Power Station: From your carport on the go!

So, you can use this camping generator virtually in every possible situation and you’ll never have to face power shortage.

3 Lighting Modes

Another feature that adds to the convenience of this solar power bank generator is the 3 lighting modes: Light, SOS and Strobe. You can easily switch among them just by pressing the light button. So, you can have lighting the way you want as this portable power station offers a wide range of options here as well.

No Overheating

The battery powered outlet is not overheated at charging, thanks to a built-in silent cooling fan.

LED Display

The LED display on the IDEAPLAY generator offers you the convenience of tracking the power, remaining capacity, input and output at present, the estimated time left for the battery to get fully recharged, and output devices  just at a glance. This gives you valuable information and prevents you from missing out any of your gadgets that needs to be charged.

Noise Level

At the campsite, you have to keep the noise level to the minimum so as not to disturb your neighbor campers. Also, after a tiring day of hiking, trekking, boating, swimming, fishing etc. you need a sound sleep in a calm and quiet environment. The IDEAPLAY Portable Power Generator perfectly takes care of this being an ideally quiet generator for camping. This generator is so quiet due to its built-in power inverter. It won’t disturb you and your fellow campers.

Compact Size

A bulky power generator can be messy! Fortunately, the IDEAPLAY power generator is compact sized. Moreover it has got a handle to let you carry it anywhere you want conveniently.


The IDEAPLAY portable generator is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

What Do You Get?

Along  with the IDEAPLAY portable generator, the package includes a 600W AC charger, a vehicle charging cable, a 3.3 ft. type C to type C cable, a gray-colored carry case for BP300 portable power station, a user manual, an installation guide and a warranty card. The installation guide contains installation instructions in detail so that you can install the appliance easily.

Where can You Use it?

As such, the IDEAPLAY portable generator is ideal for car camping, RV camping and camping in general, where you may need electricity for many of your important tasks like cooking, running and charging appliances, and for emergencies. However, the IDEAPLAY portable generator is one of the best portable generators for home, travel, and many other situations. It’s a portable rechargeable generator that uses high-quality lithium ion batteries and provides backup battery power supply to charge cell phones, tablets, laptops, lamps, fans, television and more. This portable power station has a LED display that shows you important information about the power and charging process.

Things to Remember

Every good product can last for a long period if it’s taken care of properly. This applies even to the IDEAPLAY portable generator. So, you’ll have to remember the following things:

If you don’t connect any device that pulls the current higher than 100mA to the IDEAPLAY, the generator will automatically turn off after 30 seconds.

You should not use this generator with devices that pull more than 300W of power.

To preserve the lifespan of the battery, you should use and recharge this generator at least once every 3 months.

For charging, use only original or certified charger and cables.

You should avoid dropping this generator and save it from extreme temperatures.

You should not disassemble it.

This generator is not permitted on aircrafts.

It’s not waterproof and hence you should save it from liquids.

We love camping and going near nature. But electricity has made so many things possible for us that we cannot imagine things without it. A portable battery power generator like IDEAPLAY can make your camping life easy when you need warmth during cold winter months and also when you need cooling during hot summer months. IDEAPLAY portable generator is thus a must on your camping and RVing trips because having one with you can make you feel safe and secure, and you can enjoy your outdoor adventures to the fullest!

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