iDeaPlay J10 Car Jump Starter - 18000mAh 66.6Wh Car Battery Charger Portable Car Jump Starter

Product Description

IDEAPLAY car battery chargers fit gas engines (up to 8.0L) and diesel engines (up to 6.5L). It is a car battery charger portable, a portable power bank, or a 12-volt portable power. By using a connector, you can use jumper starter to provide power for your car refrigerator or other 12V electronics like a car cleaner. The intelligent protection system of car battery charger jump starter portable prevents overcharge, misuse, and sparks. Battery booster with LED display and bottom LED flashlight can help you easily use this power bank jump starter to inspect or star your motor vehicle in the evening or any dark places. A three-mode LED flashlight for self-defense when meet an attack. As a portable power bank, it also can charge two devices simultaneously. Type-C input port allows this portable battery charger for car to fully charge in 5 or 6 hours. 18000mAh and 66.6Wh car starter meet your daily charge needs.

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  • Starting a vehicle approximately 10-20 times after fully charged the car jump starter portable
  • This car power bank jump starter can start gas engines (up to 8.0L) and diesel engine (up to 6.5L)
  • Battery starter car jumper can start car at one time on cold & hot areas
  • The smallest and lightest portable battery jump starter in the market
  • Car starter jumper support 12V vehicle, car battery starter works for cell phones, PSP, MP3/MP4, Tablet, etc.
  • Type-C input port allows this jump starter to fully charge in 5 or 6 hours
  • Multiple safety protection designs ensure car battery jumper starter portable zero defects
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  • IDEAL JUMP STARTER - Perfect car jump starter for starting your motor vehicle. Car jumper starter portable can give your car and your products the extra energy they need. Jump starters perfectly fit gas engines (up to 8.0L) and diesel engines (up to 6.5L). To start your car, first you should connect the car starter jumper power bank with the battery holder and then connect the negative and positive connectors of the holder with your car battery.

  • HIGH SECURITY - IDEAPLAY battery jump starter has a built-in intelligent chip to protect your devices against overcharge. Jump starter has over 9 types of protections prevent reverse polarity, reverse connection, over-current, overload, over-voltage, over-charge, over-discharge, short circuit, misuse, and sparks. A car battery charger jump starter provides ultimate protection for your safety.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT PORTABLE CHARGER - Compact and lightweight portable car jump starter design weighing just 0.78lbs makes this car battery jump starter long-lasting and durable. There are four different color jump starters and battery chargers. Various colors of portable car charger for customers to choose their preferred one.

  • TWO OUTPUTS AND TYPE-C INPUT - The jump starter power bank provides two chargers output for charging two devices simultaneously. As a portable jumper starter, it also can solve the charging problem of multiple devices. Type-C input allows this car battery charger to rapidly charge in 5 hours.

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL PORTABLE CHARGER - A great emergency portable jump starter for each car. It is not only a car battery charger with an LED display for starting your car, but portable car battery charger is also a portable car power bank for daily laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices charging, a three-mode LED flashlight, or a 12V power bank providing more experience especially in outdoors.

  • Charging Time: 5-8hrs
  • Device Interface(s): USB-A
  • Charging Interface(s): USB Type C
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • USB Port: 2 USB Ports
  • Output: USB1 (5V/3A) USB2 (5V/2.1A)
  • Input: 5V/2A
  • Charging mode: TYPE-C 5V/2A
  • Battery Life: 1000+ Cycles
  • Battery Capacity: 18000mAh / 66.6Wh
  • Start Current: 750A
  • Peak Current: 1500A
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0℃ to 45℃ (32℉~ 113℉)
  • Storage Temperature Range: -5℃ to 45℃ (23℉ ~ 113℉)
  • Gas Engines: Up to 8.0L
  • Diesel Engines: Up to 6.5L
  • Dimension: 7.5"*3.4"*1.4"
  • Weight: 0.78lbs
  • 1 x IDEAPLAY J10 Jump Starter
  • 1 x Carrying Bag
  • 1 x F06D-4S Smart Clamp Cable
  • 1 x Type-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Cable
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x Quick Guide
  • 1 x User Manual


IDEAPLAY_IP-ATJS8AHK15AP_Jump Starter_J10_User Guide.pdf


  • 1. Always use the original charger for charging.
  • 2. Never overload the current and voltage, or it may cause discharge, physical or safety issues of with the battery cell.
  • 3. Recharge the battery at least every 3 months to make sure it works correctly.
  • 4. Avoid exposing the battery pack to heavy knocks or blows.
  • 5. Never expose the battery pack to water.
  • 6. Never put near a heat source or close to fires.
  • 7. Never remove or attempt to modify the battery pack.
  • 8. If the battery becomes inflated, leaks or has a peculiar smell, please stop using it at once.
  • 9. Please follow the operating manual to correctly connect the clamps.
  • 10. Please don’t start the car continuously. If you try to start the carwithout success please wait 30 seconds before trying again.
  • 11. When the battery power of the unit is under 10% please do not attempt to jump start a vehicle.
  • 12. If the battery pack heats up after using, please wait for at least 10minutes before charging it.
  • 13. DO NOT charge the product immediately after use or while it is still hot.
  • 14. DO NOT allow the metal teeth of the red clamp to touch the metal teeth of the black clamp.
  • 15. Never burn or incinerate this product because it may explode and generate toxic fumes and other potentially harmful chemicals.
  • 16. Never insert foreign objects into any input or output ports, because it may cause short circuit which will damage the battery and even cause fire and personal injury.
  • 17. The product shall be stored for more than 3 months,and the product shall be charged with standard charger.
  • 18. The standard wire clamp must be used when starting the car, and the car should not be started continuously for a short time.
  • 19. It is not allowed to charge the product immediately after starting the car with this product.
  • 20. Charging the product with other chargers may cause permanent damage to the product or even cause the power to catch fire.
  • 21. The product is not allowed to be heated or used near the fire source, and is not allowed to be put into water or dismantled or modified without authorization.Children should use this device under the supervision of adults. This product is not a toy

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