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iDeaPlay J18 12V 800A Peak 15,000mAh Car Jump Starter

Product Description
IDEAPLAY J18 lithium jump starter integrates with a high-output 100 lumen LED flashlight with 3 light modes, including flashing, strobe and emergency SOS. The LED flashlight can help you easily use this power bank jump starter to inspect or star your motor vehicle in the evening or any dark places. The intelligent protection system of car battery charger jump starter portable prevents overcharge, misuse, and sparks. Car battery booster J18 jump starter can be used as a portable power bank to recharge any personal mobile devices like smartphones, tablets or any other device that can be recharged by USB port. It's rated at 800 Amps and fits gas engines (up to 6.0L) and diesel engines (up to 5.5L), such as a motorcycles, boats, RVs, cars and more. 15,000mAh and 55.5Wh Li-Ion battery power pack jump starter meet your daily charge needs. Includes the J18 portable jumper cables, USB-to-micro charging cable, carrying case and our 1-year hassle-free limited warranty.
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  • IDEAPLAY JUMP STARTER - Perfect car jump starter for starting your motor vehicle. Car jumper starter portable can give your car and your products the extra energy they need. Jump starters perfectly fit gas engines (up to 6.0L) and diesel engines (up to 5.5L). To start your car, first you should connect the car starter jumper power bank with the battery holder and then connect the negative and positive connectors of the holder with your car battery.

  • Portable 55, 500mWh charging device Charges a wide variety of devices including tablets, mobile phones, MP3 players, gaming systems, Bluetooth devices, cameras/camcorders and GPS units 2 USB ports to let you charge multiple devices at once Rechargeable battery lets you use the device multiple times.

  • HIGH SECURITY - IDEAPLAY battery jump starter has a built-in intelligent chip to protect your devices against overcharge. Jump starter has over 9 types of protections prevent reverse polarity, reverse connection, over-current, overload, over-voltage, over-charge, over-discharge, short circuit, misuse, and sparks. A car battery charger jump starter provides ultimate protection for your safety.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - IDEAPLAY J18 can be used as a car jump starter, portable power bank, and LED flashlight. You can use J18 to charge smartphones, tablets and other USB devices. Plus, an integrated 100-lumen LED flashlight with seven light modes, including emergency strobe and SOS.

  • CHARGING CAPABILITIES: iPhone X: 4 full charges Samsung Galaxy S 9: 3 full charges iPad; Pro 9.7": 1 full charge; Samsung Tab E: 1 full charge.
  • JUMP START CAPABILITIES: Gasoline-powered Car (2018 Nissan Altima): Up to 19 times; Gasoline-powered Truck (2010 Toyota Tundra): Up to 15 times.
  • Jump Starter Model : J18
  • Jump Starter Color : Black, Blue
  • Jump Starter Size: Approx. 7.5"L x 3.56"W x 1.76"H
  • Jump Starter Weight : Approx. 1.4 lbs
  • Jump Starter Material Composition : Plastic, metal and rubber
  • Jump Starter Power Source : Custom rechargeable 15,000mAh Li-Ion battery (built-in)
  • 1 x iDeaPLAY J18 Jump starter
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x AC Adapter
  • 1 x USB-to-Micro USB
  • 1 x 8pin Cable
  • 1 x Polarity Jump Cable with Battery Clips
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x Instruction


IDEAPLAY_Jump Starter_J18_User Manual.pdf


  • 1. Always use the original charger for charging.
  • 2. Never overload the current and voltage, or it may cause discharge, physical or safety issues of with the battery cell.
  • 3. Recharge the battery at least every 3 months to make sure it works correctly.
  • 4. Avoid exposing the battery pack to heavy knocks or blows.
  • 5. Never expose the battery pack to water.
  • 6. Never put near heat source or close to fires.
  • 7. Never remove or attempt to modify the battery pack.
  • 8. If the battery becomes inflated, leaks or has a peculiar smell, please stop using it at once.
  • 9. Please follow the operating manual to correctly connect the clamps.
  • 10. Please don’t start the car continuously. If you try to start the car twice without success please wait 15 seconds before trying again.
  • 11. If the battery pack heats up after using, please wait at least 10 minutes before charging it.

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