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100ml 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer - 96 Bottles Per Carton

Product Description

Help your family and those you care for eliminating germs on their hands with hand sanitizer liquid gel. This travel hand sanitizer contains 75% alcohol. Alcohol sanitizer calms pure natural ingredients enough for children’s sensitive skin, while still killing harsh full particles. Sanitizing gel is a natural formula, which is established to kill 99% of exterior dangerous germs. Portable hand sanitizer is a must-have for colds to prevent the spread of illness-causing particles. Sanitizer gel made with ingredients that can not only kill but also can help not dry your hands out. The mild formulation in hand alcohol sanitizer gel is free of parabens, phthalates, preservatives, and harsh ingredients, so it does not dry out or irritates the skin. Hands feel soft, even after many uses of antibacterial hand gel hand sanitizer. Portable sanitizer is free of triclosan and will not create super-germs, as the 75% alcohol formulation kills germs fast and evaporates quickly, so germs don’t become resistant. This 3.38 fl oz flip-cap hand sanitizer bottle is perfect for gym bags, work bags, purses, and diaper bags so you can fight germs anywhere.


  • Antibacterial gelrequires less time than hand washing
  • Hand sanitizer portableacts quickly to kill microorganisms on the hands
  • Sanitizer travel sizeis more accessible than sinks
  • Gel sanitizerdoes not promote antimicrobial resistance
  • Alcohol hand sanitizer travel size gelis less irritating to the skin than soap and water
  • Hand sanitizer for classroom can even improve the condition of the skin
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  • 75% ALCOHOL BASED HAND SANITIZER - This hand sanitizer contains 75% alcohol. Hand sanitation gel calms pure natural ingredients enough for children’s sensitive skin, while still kills 99% germs. This alcohol gel hand sanitizer is scent-free, infused with natural ingredients.

  • SKIN MOISTURE - Hand sanitizer gel formulated with nourishing skin-conditioning agents for a skin-friendly moisturizing alcohol hand sanitizer that soothes your skin and prevents dryness. Antibacterial hand sanitizer protects you while moisturizing and defensive dry, cracked hands.

  • 100% FREE FROM HARSHFUL INGREDIENTS - Travel size hand sanitizer is free from sulfates, parabens, silicones, and other artificial additives. Our hand sanitizer travel is not just harsh-free and Vegan-friendly, but alcohol based hand sanitizer gel is also cruelty-free. This personal hand sanitizer is not experienced with animals. No third-party testing.

  • WIDELY USED - Great hand sanitizer for school, the classroom, teachers, and kids. Family-friendly for men, women, and children. Perfect hand sanitizer with alcohol for sports and hiking. Liquid hand sanitizer for special occasions like parties, weddings, and Christmas; for hospitals, nurses, doctors, dentists, and frontline workers; home, office, and work. Keep an antibacterial gel hand sanitizer accessible everywhere you will be.

  • PACKAGE INCLUDES - Pack 1 antibacterial hand gel with alcohol. Hand sanitizer travel size providing you with the most effective cleansing alternative to soap and water. A gel hand sanitizer you can trust with confidence.

      How to Use:

      Apply an ample amount into the palm of your hand

      With fingers interlaced, rub the back of each hand and rub palm to palm

      Rub with backs of fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlocked

      Rub each thumb clasped in opposite hand using rotational movement

      Rub tips of fingers in the opposite palms in a circular motion, rub each wrist

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