iDeaPlay J19 12,000mAh Portable Jump Starter

Product Description
Collision Detection Loop recording and built-in G-Sensor efficiently manage storage. G-Sensor automatically protects video clips as an "Event" when it detects a collision or vibration. Loop recording overwrites unprotected video clips when max storage is exceeded. Press the Emergency button anytime to manually protect recording.
Ignition DetectionThe Z3P dashcam installs in your vehicle in minutes and detects when you switch on/off your vehicle and starts/stops recording automatically (compatible with vehicles that cut power to the cigarette lighter when the engine is off).
Parking ModeWith parking monitoring enabled, the device continues to monitor the vehicle even when the engine is switched off using its built-in battery. If any vibration is detected by the G-Sensor, it will automatically turn on the dashcam and begin recording. Approximately 30 seconds after the vibration has finished, the device will automatically turn off and return to monitoring mode.
Motion DetectionAutomatically pauses video recording when no motion is detected by the camera lens, resuming when movement is again detected.
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  • Jump starter with safety reverse polarity jumper cables Jump start gas engines up to 8L - Jump start diesel engines up to 6L 2019 Ford Expedition 8L gas engine (800 cold-cranking amps) - jump started 3x 2019 Ford F450 1-ton pickup 6.5L diesel engine (750 cold-cranking amps) - jump started 4x Jump start completely dead batteries 1 x USB 2.4A /5V port 1 x USB QC 3.0 3A/5V, 2A/9V, 1.5A /12V 1 x USB Type C 3A/5V 1 x AC Output 115V/65W/60Hz Connect power plug of the AC appliance to AC port of the J19 portable jump starter Press AC button for 3 seconds to turn on the AC current and supply power to the device.

  • Charging function/protection Over charge protection Over release protection Over current protection Short circuit protection Over power protection Over temperature protection.

  • Charging capabilities iPhone X: 2.6 times; Laptop notebook: 0.71 times; Samsung Tablet: 1.6 times IPad Pro 1.2 times; Fan: 3; Hours CPAP: 3; Hours Lamp: 5 hours.

  • Built-in LED flashlight/three modes Constant light on SOS mode Strobe mode To cycle between the different lighting modes press the flashlight button. (On/SOS/Strobe/Off).

  • LED digital display Battery life indicator Active charging ports indicator Power Indicator Battery charging indicator.
  • USB smart mode Press the power button to enter the USB smart mode To save power the J19 will automatically turn off after 30 seconds if no devices connected to it are pulling a current greater than 100mA.
  • USB manual mode Press power button for 3 seconds to turn on the USB manual mode. When in USB manual mode the J19 jump starter will remain on for 6 hours even if no USB devices are connected.
  • Charging with an AC adapter The J19 jump starter can be charged by connecting the AC adapter that comes with the package to the household AC outlet. Connect the other end of the AC adapter to the DC input port of the jump starter.
  • Charging with a vehicle charging adapter Connect one end of the charging lead to the DC input port. Start your vehicle's engine and connect the other end of the charging lead to your vehicle's auxiliary/cigarette lighter port.
  • Jump Starter Model : J19
  • Jump Starter Color : Gold, Rose Gold, Marble
  • Jump Starter Size: Approx. 7"L x 4.5"W x 1.7"H
  • Jump Starter Weight : Approx. 1.7 lbs
  • Jump Starter Material Composition : Plastic, metal and rubber
  • Jump Starter Power Source : 12, 000mAh/ 44.4W h lithium polymer battery capacity (built-in)
  • 1 x 12000mah Lithium battery jump starter
  • 1 x AC Adapter
  • 1 x Micro USB cable
  • 1 x USB Type-C cable
  • 1 x Car charging cable Jumper clamps
  • 1 x Carrying bag
  • 1 x Instruction


IDEAPLAY_Jump Starter_J19_User Manual.pdf


  • 1. Always use the original charger for charging.
  • 2. Never overload the current and voltage, or it may cause discharge, physical or safety issues of with the battery cell.
  • 3. Recharge the battery at least every 3 months to make sure it works correctly.
  • 4. Avoid exposing the battery pack to heavy knocks or blows.
  • 5. Never expose the battery pack to water.
  • 6. Never put near heat source or close to fires.
  • 7. Never remove or attempt to modify the battery pack.
  • 8. If the battery becomes inflated, leaks or has a peculiar smell, please stop using it at once.
  • 9. Please follow the operating manual to correctly connect the clamps.
  • 10. Please don’t start the car continuously. If you try to start the car twice without success please wait 15 seconds before trying again.
  • 11. If the battery pack heats up after using, please wait at least 10 minutes before charging it.

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