iDeaPlay Wireless Wifi speakers bring you the freedom to listen to music wherever and whenever you like. Our taste in music defines who we are - it's a celebration of our own unique human identity. At iDeaUSA we believe there is nothing better to put a smile on your face, than pumping out your favorite tracks loud and proud, that's why we have developed a range of unique wifi Bluetooth speakers to help you make the most of your music. Whether you want outdoor wifi speakers for the beach or the best Bluetooth home speakers, at iDeaUSA Our family of iDeaPLAY wifi speakers have it covered.

We offer the most stylish speakers with a unique identity but they all share two critical things in common - a premium sound quality that's guaranteed to put a smile back on your face and wireless technology allowing you to move freely both indoors and outdoors so you're guaranteed superior audio quality and user experience.

Features: Power
BankFeatures: Built-in
MicrophonePortable: YesSpeaker
Configuration: 2.1W ireless
Speaker (s): YesWireless

Bluetooth: YesBattery
Rechargeable: YesPower
Warranty: 1 Year

iDeaPlay W204 2.1 Channel Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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